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  • "We all had an amazing experience...the history of the region, the cultural influences & the all-important food! I feel like I was able to really get a feel for the beautiful coastal city and be a true part of it; all while eating so many authentic delicacies."

    Lisa Antenucci, USA

  • "A must do if you want to learn about the food, culture and history of the Algarve. A fascinating walking tour of Faro which includes insider views of historic sites and fabulous eateries."

    Jane Reilly, England

  • "Stopping at new contemporary eateries to some of the most traditional and being able to engage with the owners of the business made it even more brilliant.

    One of the best tours we had in our tree months of travelling through Europe."

    David Porcaro, Australia

  • "Une très belle découverte de la ville de Faro et de plusieurs plats et boissons savoureuses !

    Une guide exceptionnelle !

    Cette demi-journée était absolument parfaite, merci beaucoup !"

    Audrey Kiss, Switzerland

A Region Full of Secrets to be Discovered

Know the Algarve for its gastronomy and culture

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